“Dazzling talent with true, and utterly genuine meaning… The WonderWombs is a slippery and devilish performance.”


Auran Abraham, The Creative Issue

The WonderWombs explores intoxicating muscularity over toxic masculinity, a chance to celebrate women, investigate physicality and womanhood and ‘have a laugh with the ladies’.

Dripping with autonomy, The WonderWombs is an all-female circus party that is renovating circus and winking at your surprise. Eating binaries for breakfast and unfastening the buckles at gender’s waistline, these performers don’t need to hit the glass ceiling; they can lift it!

The Dust Palace brings its signature hustle of risk, splendour, story, comedy and desire to this extraordinary performance experience.


Wairarapa – Kokomai Creative Festival

23 October


Nelson – Theatre Royal 

25-26 October

Nelson Arts Festival


Auckland – Q Theatre

17-21 December

“…our breath of fresh air…the space for our women to define who we are, how our articulate bodies work and how we connect with our own stories.” 

Jess Holey Bates

Directed by Jess Holey Bates


Jess Holey Bates

Eve Gordon

Rochelle Mangan

Hannah Tasker-Poland

Bethany St John

Jaine Mieka

Ariel Cronin