Eat fruit. Love lust.

A contemporary circus retelling of Christina Rossetti’s poem “The Goblin Market” tells the story of two sisters, their temptation, sacrifice and eventual salvation.

Delicious circus precariously balanced with gritty performances and candid storytelling.

“… the most remarkable production I have seen in the last decade. Thrilling, moving, inspiring, mesmerizing – it reminded me of why I work in the performing arts in the first place”

Howard Mendelsohn, Centaur Theatre Company

“…A full house, standing ovation and the most common word on everyone’s lips: Spectacular!”

 Janet Whittington, Theatreview, 25 October 2016.


“Combining various disciplines without giving the impression that it is a succession of distinct numbers (as is often seen in the circus), New Zealand production is a lesson on how to tell a story without depending on the usual codes of the written or spoken prose, nor of the numerous artifices that tend to exhibit the spectacles of greater extent.”

Allysia Duval – La Bible Urbaine, Montreal, 16 November 2016




Directed by Mike Edward



Rochelle Mangan

Eve Gordon

Jay Clement