The Dust Palace provides high quality and WORLD CLASS circus entertainment right here in New Zealand. We have a huge variety of UNIQUE and EXCITING apparatus with which we stun crowds at both corporate functions and private events! SCALE is never an issue! We’re happy to provide ANYTHING from a single, highly skilled SOLO to a complete NIGHT of varied and exciting entertainment! We pride ourselves in our ability to bring DREAMS to life and tailor any of our acts to bring WOW FACTOR to any theme, any room and any event!


Our incredibly successful and action packed 8 – 20 minute combination shows have been all the rage! A pick ‘n’ mix option of ANY of our acts put into a BESPOKE show, tailored to suit ANY event! Whether you want a mixture of GROUND based and AERIAL acts, we can CUSTOMIZE an enthralling and UNFORGETTABLE entertainment spectacle for YOUR function.


We have NZ’s biggest range of top-notch circus acts and we’re fully prepared to tailor any show to suit any event. Our aesthetic is impeccable, our content en pointe and always tasteful and we pride ourselves on our safety conscious approach and record.

We work with only the best of the best, matching them perfectly with our list of unique circus apparatus and ensuring genre, theme and look are immaculate. Any scale of show, we have the wow-factor to satisfy.


Creating the wow factor of cirque arts in any space is what we do. Being able to provide top notch shows of any length in any space is what we pride ourselves on! Regardless of venue restrictions we can provide high class, slick and tailored entertainment for any event. No rigging: no problem! Low ceiling: no worries!

High-end skills such as; Adagio (duo acrobalance), Trio (three person balance), Chair Balance, Contortion, Cyr Wheel (large metal hoop), Acrobatic Stilt Shows, Toss the Girl and man-rigged Aerial Hoop. And of course we also have available all the manipulation circus skills; Juggling, Hula Hoops, Bottle Walking, Rola Bola, Unicycle, Cigar boxes, Diabolo and Magic.


Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority and the first and last word on any work we do.

Despite the renegade reputation of circus historically and the ‘death-defying’ products we propose, we categorically NEVER place any one of our friends, employees or clients in REAL danger or possible danger. Which is not to say that it is all a show and all a ‘trick’. The fact remains that circus is a HIGHLY TRAINED set of SKILLS which have been repeated so many times they become SECOND NATURE to the performer. We NEVER perform anything we feel UNSAFE about or feel has any possibility of endangering ourselves or the people around us.

And… if there is an especially sensitive environment or you have any concerns what so ever, the majority of our acts can be performed with a safety harness, taking human error within the circus performance out of the equation entirely.


As an additional offer we hold Team Building Workshops at our premises in Penrose, Auckland or if you can’t come to us we can bring the circus to you! Team Building Workshops range from a couple of hours to a full week and we have three main categories; Give it a Go – Circus Skills (a neat selection of silly fun circus activities), Body Work (focused on developing body awareness, strength and flexibility techniques) and How to: Creation (a how to guide for devising and creation).

Team building brochure here