Our first two shows were part of Auckland Fringe in 2009. They were called “The Moon’s Insane and other stories…” and “Burlesque As You Like It – Not a Family Show”.

The former was a half-improvised investigation of story telling,
myths and the legends that have brought our culture to be. The half
dozen people in the audience at the backroom of the Wine Cellar on K’rd
loved it. The latter was a satirical look at the then current revival of burlesque as a form of entertainment. At the time Eve could do some basic circus… and the rest of us were just ring in mates (like the wonderful Geof Gilson!) that were happy to appear nude. We sold out two consecutive seasons at the Basement Theatre.

So our learnings from 2009: Work with friends. Circus makes for cool theatre. If you want to sell tickets to take your clothes off. 

10 years later I look at our season and I’m proud to say we still work
with our friends. I’m even prouder to say that our friends are now world
class circus performers. And what’s cool, whilst I’m certain someone
will get their kit off this year, I don’t think our box office requires

10 years later. Gosh.

The anniversary is indeed a great milestone, but if I’m honest, it
only feels like we are beginning. We have so many more stories we want
to tell. So many skills we want to further develop. Such ambition with
where we want to take our work. It’s hard to be retrospective at this
point because we are only looking forward… and feel that we have so much
more to do.

So I hope you enjoy this season. It’s not designed to be a specific “anniversary season”… it’s just our current work which we are happy to share with you all. It’s still just us investigating. Still just us enjoying circus. Still the wonderful Geof Gilson.

Thank you all for coming for the ride.